Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sad Love Story {2}


Cerpen ini merupakan cerpan saya yang telah diterbitkan dalam Saya menerbitkannya disini adalah unutk berkongsi dengan sahabat handai yang tidak berkesempatan membacanya. Diharap agar tiada siapa yang menerbitkan cerpen ini dimana-mana tanpa pengetahuan saya.


“Jullianna… Jullianna… JULLIANNA”

          “Huh.. What?”

          “Are you okay? You look pale and you didn’t answer me.”

          “I’m sorry. I was merely wool gathering. I’m okay.” I didn’t realize that I have been standing there gazing over some boy that I don’t even know. Fortunately I wasn’t alone or I might be drooling over him too. I tried to concentrate on the rest of the tour but somehow I can’t help myself thinking about that guy. Luckily, the classes haven’t started yet. After my tour around the school and some info about my classes and stuffs from Yokino, I started to walk home. You might be wondering why I didn’t ask my driver to pick me up or something. Well, I want to be independence for once, so I decide to take the train.

          I was standing there minding my own business, listening to my iPod while waiting for the train when I realize someone was standing so close to me. I looked up and I saw him again. His face was merely inches from me and was saying something.

          “What were you saying?” I removed my headphone to listen to him. He chuckles at me before continuing.

          “I was just saying “Hi”. You were the new girl, right?”

          “Yeah, I’m Jullianna.” I’m holding my hand out to shake his and he took it. My heart almost stop beating but not until I go his name. 

to be cont'

p/s: Maaf andai cerpen ini macam mengarut sikit. heheh masa ni baru mula nak menulis. :)


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