Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Sad Love Story {1}


Cerpen ini merupakan cerpan saya yang telah diterbitkan dalam Saya menerbitkannya disini adalah unutk berkongsi dengan sahabat handai yang tidak berkesempatan membacanya. Diharap agar tiada siapa yang menerbitkan cerpen ini dimana-mana tanpa pengetahuan saya.

Everything in my life seems to be so perfect. Well, it seems to be from the outside but somehow if you take a good look from my point of view, it was not so perfect after all. My name is Jullianna Jeffreyys and this is my story.

            It was said that I was born with gold spoon to feed me and everything was the very best for me. But somehow, I feel empty. They said my mom died giving birth to me and I hardly saw my dad. Oh yeah… I forgot one tiny little thing. My dad is Jeffreyys Siddon, the owner and the CEO of the Siddon’s Group, the largest electrical group in the world. So you probably get to know how pampered I was, the fact that I’m being the only heir. But this story is not entirely about me. It’s about my love, which I called it as My Sad Love Story.

            I didn’t really have any real friends at all. They mostly befriends with me because of my status, my wealth and most importantly because their parent said so. My life was so boring with this entire stuck-up, pampered, spoiled brat. Until one day I was accepted to a Millelewa International Tennis School for my talent in tennis. I applied secretly to this school without the knowledge of my dad. Well, he was not around much that it seems like he does not care.

            I got transferred into that school last summer. It was kind of isolated with lots of talented tennis player all around the world so I thought I want be myself, be Jullianna, without the Jeffreyys. Everybody was so friendly and the most important thing was they accept me as who I am. One my first day in school, I was shown around the area of the school by a Japanese girl name Yokino Mihaya. Then, something caught my eyes, or better yet, somebody. Yokino was showing me the girls’ tennis court and the boys’ tennis court when I saw him. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen. His athletic body build move swiftly around the court as he handed back his opponent ball. Suddenly, I started to breathe hard… and fast.

          “Jullianna… Jullianna… JULLIANNA”

          “Huh.. What?”

          “Are you okay? You look pale and you didn’t answer me.” 
 to be cont'

p/s: Maaf andai cerpen ini macam mengarut sikit. heheh masa ni baru mula nak menulis. :)



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