Friday, August 26, 2011

Mode Bermain : : Contest dari Maybank *Thanks to NUFFNANG*


Maybank buat contest. Siyes tak tipu... Aku baru tahu hari ni.. Contest dia ala2 virtual game, kau kena main untuk kumpul mata. Tarikh tamat dia 30 hb ni.. hhuuhuu..

Gini la contestnya.. aku malas nak cerita panjang. Jadi aku kidnap je syarat2 dia dari Nuffnang.. Boleh?

Step 1:
Head on to and ‘LIKE’ their page to begin.

Next, hit the ‘Join now!’ button to start playing!
Step 2:
Submit your details for registration, and activate your account via SMS from Maybank, and you’re ready for the next step – creating your mini-me! :D
Daftar dulu
Step 3:After you have registered, you can start creating an avatar that represents you the most by clicking ‘Create My Avatar’. You can choose the gender of the avatar, the expression your avatar has, what hairstyle he/she has, and even dress them up however you like! Hit ‘Save’ after you’re satisfied with your avatar, and it’s on to the next step!

Cumell tak avatar aku?
Berkurung biru lagi...

Step 4:
Your avatar needs a home, so let’s find a nice place for mini-you to stay! You can choose from a variety of homes and once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have officially joined the neighbourhood. You can decorate your home too, to make it as comfortable as you want!

Aku pilih rumah kampung..
Baru ade feel nak beraya.

Step 5:
Now here’s when the game really begins! The aim is to earn as much Tiger Points as you can, and there are a few ways you can do that;- By buying virtual items- Participating in the mini games- Completing certain tasks whenever needed

Rumah baru Ava
(aku panggil avatar aku tu Ava)

Not only are there RM25,000 worth of prizes at stake, the 50 players with the most points accumulated in the game will be able to celebrate Hari Raya with the Suria.FM crew and celebrities!
We know we wouldn’t miss that opportunity, would you? :D
Finally, if the fun game and all the exciting prizes are not enough, here’s the thing that will make your participation in this game even more meaningful: Maybank has pledged to donate RM20,000 to charity this festive season, so RM2 will be donated for each and every player who is registered to the game. Quick, join now and get involved in this worthy cause because the game ends 30 August 2011. :) Make a difference, participate now!
Credit to NUFFNANG

Amacam. Alang2 aku belum balik ni, aku saja je masuk game ni. Bukan hajat nak menang sangat pun. Tapi bila dia kata..

"RM2 will be donated for each and every player who is registered to the game"

Aku rasa apa salahnya aku tolong dia derma. Bukan banyak mana pun. Jadi apa lagi, jom lah join contest ni cepat. Biar tak menang, asal boleh tolong orang. Okies



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